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Azure Active Directory, ADFS 3.0 and OWIN

Posted by Jake Chang on May 12, 2014 9:56:15 AM

With Windows AAD (Azure Active Directory), ADFS 3.0 (Active Directory Federation Service), and OWIN (Open Web Interface for .NET), you will find your corporate individual core identity, making connections between your corporation and the whole world for unlimited opportunities.

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Claims-based Authentication and Authorization with ADFS 2.0 and SharePoint 2010

Posted by Jake Chang on Jan 21, 2013 9:02:07 AM

A lot of technical notes and web articles talk about different aspects for claims-based federation between ADFS 2.0 and SharePoint 2010. In this blog, we will primarily focus on claims mapping, setting for authentication and authorization process.

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ADFS with Non-Standard HTTPS Port

Posted by Jake Chang on Jun 6, 2012 6:46:35 AM

Recently, CSS was requested by a client to implement an AD FS 2.0 (ADFS) federation solution to meet a very unique security requirement associated with scenarios of external access to internally hosted services.

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Topics: Microsoft Active Directory AD, IT Security, Microsoft Security Partner, HTTPS Port, AD FS 2.0 Federation Server Proxy, ADFS, AD FS 2.0, Blog, Active Directory, AD

AD FS 2.0 and One-Way Cross-Forest Trusts

Posted by Sarah Duncan on Sep 6, 2011 5:39:40 AM

So you want to make some of your applications available using federation but you have multiple forests. What can you do? Well, if you have two-way trusts between your forests, you’re in luck, because AD FS works very well if you have two-way trusts between the forests. But what if you have only a one-way trust between forests? Then what?

For this scenario, we will assume that you want to provide SSO to multiple applications for users from two different forests. The applications may reside in one or the other of the forests or may be cloud-based (and thus in neither forest).

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Topics: Federation, IT Security, Microsoft Security Partner, ADFS, AD FS 2.0, Blog

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