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Safely Adding SAN Information to a Certificate Request

Posted by Wayne Harris on Apr 6, 2016 9:46:39 AM

This blog is a continuation in a series of blogs, relating to the perils of adding Subject Alternate Name (SAN) information to a certificate signing request (CSR).

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Topics: certificate management, Certificate SAN

Hidden Dangers: Certificate Subject Alternative Names (SANs)

Posted by Wayne Harris on Jan 7, 2016 2:47:31 PM

Few companies have the luxury of a dedicated full time professional PKI staff. More typical are those companies that assign this duty as an adjunct to someone with a separate primary function, such as AD engineering.  As such, I find that many PKI practitioners don’t have PKI proficiency as a primary skillset.  It’s easy to understand how a “just make it work” mentality can eventually creep into a PKI operational processes. Too often, operational efficiency easily trumps perceived security risks.

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Topics: certificate, PKI, Certificate SAN

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