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Don’t just manage your certificates - control your Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Posted by CSS Technical Team on Sep 8, 2016 9:36:06 AM

Featuring a lesson from the Death Star

PKI is an entire infrastructure supporting trusted certificates

As more enterprises implement their own internal Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to save money on purchasing an increasing volume of digital certificates, the need for tools to centralize, monitor and manage certificates across all issuing sources continues to be critical. One common tool is certificate management software. While certificate management software certainly helps organizations evolve from the stone ages of manually documenting certificate details in a spreadsheet, many certificate management applications only scratch the surface of what enterprises really need. In other words, while managing certificates is critical to prevent outages and breaches, stand-alone certificate management software is not light years ahead of platforms that do more to improve IT and security team efficiency and help organizations meet regulatory and audit compliance requirements.

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