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FIM: Set Membership Based on Group Membership

Posted by Sami Van Vliet on Jan 8, 2013 5:23:21 AM

Sets and groups are different object types in FIM, but often people would like to have sets based on group membership. We figured out a way to do that with some custom attributes.

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FIM Set and Group Attribute Criteria

Posted by Laurin Kline on Jun 6, 2011 11:30:05 AM

As with many quests, the one I embarked on to figure out how to create criteria based sets and groups where membership was based on an attribute in the FIM portal being “empty” turned out to be more complex than first thought.

We start our story with a mythical client and a problem. The client was not certain that “Office Location” was populated with either an office or store location for every user in the FIM Portal. They wanted to create a criteria-based set that identified all of the users where the provisioning process had not specified an office location. The use for this set will be left to your imagination.

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