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Posted by CSS Marketing on Mar 15, 2012 6:39:29 AM

Certified Security Solutions sent a team to the 2012 RSA Security Conference in San Francisco where one of the underlying themes was mobile security. Located in the Microsoft Pavilion, team CSS boasted a 'Got PKI?' theme centered around PKI best practices and the power of digital certificates on mobile devices. Booth conversations included PKI as a service in addition to leveraging CSS' own software solution, the Certificate Management System (CMS) for digital certificate management and enrollment in a Microsoft PKI. Visitors to the booth were genuinely excited to see a mobile security solution from a company that "gets" PKI. CSS' CTO, Ted Shorter, and Director of Business Development, Uri Lichtenfeld, presented a theater session titled 'Do's and Don’ts of PKI and Certificate Management for Mobile Devices.' Check out the photos below:

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Apple Products Becoming (Business) Mainstream

Posted by CSS Marketing on Feb 9, 2012 4:00:13 AM

The popularity of Apple’s iPads and iPhones among consumers are well documented, but recent findings from Forrester Research shows that these devices are gaining steam in the corporate world.

The “Consumerization of IT” or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has become a common occurrence among all departments, and not surprisingly, Apple is leading the way among what Forrester calls “information” workers — workers that use a computer for work an hour or more per day. And the more senior the individual, the more they are using Apple devices:

  • More than 1 out of 5 (21%) of 10,000 surveyed Information workers use one or more Apple device at work
  • The number of Apple BYOD-ers doubles to 2 out of 5 professionals (41%) for those with the title “Director of IT” or higher
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