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PCNS Error 6032

Posted by Sami Van Vliet on Sep 8, 2014 9:45:53 AM

Last week a user reported having reset his password, but it hadn’t changed in the connected HR system.

As this is an indication that the Password Change Notification Service (PCNS) wasn't working, I checked the Event Viewer on the Synchronization Engine server. While I saw several Event IDs indicating that heartbeats were being received from the DCs, there were no Event IDs 6903 for the past several hours. 6903 is the event that indicates a password notification was received from PCNS.

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FIM Service Accounts

Posted by Sami Van Vliet on Oct 2, 2012 6:54:08 AM

FIM requires several service accounts and groups, each with their own configuration requirements. However, there isn’t a single document that I’ve found that lists out all the accounts and the access they need.

This is a compilation of information from various Microsoft articles with information on FIM service accounts.

Full name
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